You know how people always say that Canadians are so nice? I feel the same goes for those of us in the states that border our neighbors to the north. People just seem to be nicer here in Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. Maybe not so much in Washington. But we will get to that later.

According to, a study on Twitter shows Canadians truly are more polite.

The researchers collected 40 million tweets from both Canadian and American accounts between February 2015 and February 2016 and used statistical analysis to find words tweeted disproportionately more or less by individuals from each nation. They discovered words over-represented in Canadian tweets were largely positive, and by contrast, words over-represented in American tweets were largely negative. While it’s unclear what came first—the stereotype or the language—the authors argue language employed by the countries could be reinforcing our long-held beliefs about them.

Now, for us border states, we have a mixture of both rude and polite people. Take the following video for example. A road rage fight took place at a stop light, in Boise. In the video you can hear one of the fighters saying "If you're going to *effin* speed, then you go back to Washington." The other driver agrees that they are "DONE." They shake hands and get back in their vehicles. Just then an onlooker walks in to give them both words of encouragement, saying "glad you guys got that settled."

No weapons, no other people jumping in, just a fair fight and a handshake. How we here in the west like to handle things.

WARNING: NSFW (language)

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Idaho hospitality at its finest

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