If you have been to Whitefish in the last few years, chances are you have heard some tourists say some "less than smart" things. Good thing there is an Instagram page for that.

So the other day I'm rolling through my social feeds when a memory of an Instagram post showed up. Since it was about Montana heat, fire season, and snobby tourists, I decided to repost it because it was still very much topical. In just under 24 hours it had reached almost 1000 shares and over 1000 likes on my Rockstar Radio Facebook page.  The post was courtesy of the "Overheard In Whitefish" Instagram page. If just one of their posts blew up like that, I had to see the rest.

These encounters are mostly if not all totally true. The reason I believe that is because I was in Stumptown (Whitefish) last year for my birthday and there was no shortage of tourists (Mostly from California) doing, and saying some... let's say opposite of smart things. My eyes got sore from rolling them every five minutes. Now I know Montana is a bit different with our mountains, bears, lack of sales tax, and people in general, but c'mon dude. We aren't an undeveloped country without electricity. I've actually just started lying to out of state transplants or tourists when they ask dumb questions. Can you pet the Grizzly bears? You betcha. Anyway you HAVE to see these examples of things overhead in Whitefish.  Like I said, this might very well be the coolest Montana Instagram page in the whole state.  Check it below, and make sure to give them a follow.


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