In Montana, we love our freedom. We have a long history of wanting to keep our freedoms. We were one of the last states to outlaw being able to have an open container of alcohol in your car outside of city limits. Montana at one time didn't have a speed limit on our highways, we had "reasonable and prudent" for a speed limit. While this seems like it may be something from 50 years ago, the law only changed back in 1998.  When it comes to our freedom, how free really is Montana compared to other states?

How Montana's Freedom Ranks

According to Freedom in the 50 States website, Montana may not rank as high as you think. While Montana may be in the top half of the United States when it comes to our freedoms, it is closer to the middle than the top. Montana ranks as the 20th state with the most freedom overall.

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Montana's Highest and Lowest Freedom Rankings

Freedom in the 50 States looks at a lot of different categories and sub-categories to determine their rankings. Everything from alcohol and tobacco freedoms, to local taxation, travel, debt and more. The highest ranking for freedom that Montana received is "Government Debt" which encompasses state and local debt, Montana ranked 4th. Montana's lowest ranking was in  "Alcohol Freedom" with a ranking of 47th in the nation. "Alcohol Freedom" looked at restrictions on distribution, taxes, blue laws, keg registrations, and "happy hour" ban. Growing up in Montana with the drinking culture we have in the state, that was a surprising ranking to me.

The Nations Highest and Lowest Freedom Rankings

When it comes to other states and their overall rankings, New Hampshire is the state that has the most overall freedom while New York state has the least. For some reason when I think of freedom, New Hampshire, isn't the first state that comes to mind for me. I guess I need to rethink that. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the freedoms that I have under the Big Sky.

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