Montana has a long history with dinosaurs. Or should we say dinosaurs have a long history with Montana. There have been some pretty amazing discoveries when it comes to dinosaurs in Montana. One of the biggest discoveries was one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever discovered. There is a replica of that dinosaur in front of the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, and the actual skeleton is on loan to the Smithsonian Museum until 2063.

It's Not the T. Rex

When it comes to Montana's Official State Fossil, you may think it would be the famed T. Rex. Well it isn't. Montana's Official State Fossil is the Maiasaura peeblesorum. It may not be as big as the T. Rex, but it was a very important discovery none the less. The skeletons of the Maiasaura were found near Chouteau, Montana. They discovered 15 juvenile skeletons located near an adult skeleton and a nest, leading scientists to determine the "first instance of parental and social behavior in dinosaurs." This also led to more discoveries of these fossils and the naming of the area "Egg Mountain".

Say the "Weird Thing"

There has been a trend recently on social media lately where someone says go ahead and say the "weird thing". Then a person will add in what they consider the "weird thing". Some of the responses are entertaining, thought provoking, or just an opinion that may not be "mainstream".

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There was one response that made me think about what how we picture dinosaurs that has been viewed over a million times. Do dinosaurs really look the way we were taught all these years?

Even though the Official State Fossil of Montana may not seem as awesome as the T. Rex. The Maiasaura fossil discovery was just as, or maybe even more important, in the world of scientific discovery as the T. Rex and it's our Official State Fossil.

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