Growing up in Montana I have had the privilege of being able to be around water. I have been able to recreate on lakes, rivers, and streams. When I was a kid one of my favorite past times was throwing rocks in the water. I would skip them. I would try for accuracy. I would try for distance. If I found a piece of wood big enough to use as a bat, I would hit rocks into the water like a big league slugger. I would also try to throw smaller rocks as I as I could to see if I could get them to make as little sound as possible when they hit the water.

Skipping Rocks In Montana is Special

Skipping rocks was something that I felt I had a talent for. I would spend a long time picking the perfect rock, the smoothness, the flatness, and the perfect size. Back then there was no video evidence of my rock skipping prowess. It was always me asking my parents or siblings to "watch this one" and as soon as they watched me, I would only get one or two skips out of a rock. Then when they weren't looking I would get 10 or 15 skips, honest, it happened almost every time.

Flathead Lake Rock Skipping Contest

If any of this sounds familiar to you, and you want to try your hand at competing skipping stones, Flathead Lake is hosting a stone skipping competition. Saturday June 3rd, from 10am-12noon. The Ken Avison Memorial Rock Skipping Championships. According to their Facebook page it is a B.Y.O.R. event (bring your own rocks). Registration begins at 9am and there are two divisions "Young" (12 and under) and "Old" (13+). Registration is "Young", $15, "Old", $20, or Family $50, there will be pizza and pop after the event. Proceeds will go to the Kevin Avison Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Good Luck Montana, and Have Fun

You have a little less than two weeks to scour Montana for the perfect skipping rocks for the event. Good luck and have fun.

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