Spring bear hunting season is underway in Montana. Ex-NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, who played for the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins had a successful hunt of a cinnamon brown bear in Montana, according to Outsider.com. A post about his successful hunt on Instagram has since gone viral. With people weighing in on both sides of the hunting debate.

The Montana spring black bear hunting season runs April 15th through May 31st or June 15th. There has also recently been an unlawful grizzly bear killing incident the past few weeks and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department are asking for help in finding the person or persons responsible.

Be "Bear Aware" Montana

The bears in Montana have come out of hibernation and with tourist season picking up it may only be a matter of time before we see more bear and people encounters like these. If you are planning on heading out into the Montana wilderness either to camp, recreate, or hunt keep in mind to be "bear aware" and try to be safe. Here is a list of tips that you can use while camping. Here is also something else to keep in mind if you are heading into the woods, bear spray can actually expire.

Bear Spray Can Expire

I was talking with a friend of mine recently about bear sprays expiring and he said that when his expire they go out into the woods and use the old spray to practice if they ever need to use one in a real situation. That is a good use for expired bear spray.

Other Celebrities Have Hunted and Fished Montana

Jay Cutler isn't the only celebrity to have spent time in Montana hunting or fishing. Henry Winkler went viral a few years back when he visited Montana for some fishing. Please remember to be safe and follow all Montana hunting and fishing guidelines while in Montana.

You Know You're a Montanan If You Can End These With 'In the Woods'

Here's a fun way to see if you're a "true" Montanan. If you can end any of these phrases with "in the woods" and it applies to you, you might be a Montanan. Enjoy.

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