Montana may be home to the first woman to hold federal office but a new study shows that living in Montana is just "okay" for women.

Other recent studies about Montana women showed some interesting findings:

Montana Women and Housing

Montanan Women and Marriage

The latest study about Montana women reviewed economic and social well-being, and health care and safety rankings.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

WalletHub looked at nearly a dozen variables that contributed to the broader category of economic and social well-being including things like:

  • median earnings
  • unemployment rate
  • friendliness toward working moms

Montana ranked 20th overall in this category.

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Women Healthcare and Safety

The healthcare and safety rankings were also broken down into just over a dozen categories with variables like:

  • Preventive Health Care
  • Obesity
  • Homicide rates

Montana ranked 21st overall in healthcare and safety.

With a 20th and 21st ranking, it follows that Montana's overall ranking in this study is 21st. Slightly above average, but basically in the middle. It would be fair to say there's room for improvement.

One way to support Montana women's economic and social well-being is to frequent local women-owned businesses. For example, Kelly Clarkson helped a Montana woman-owned business when she had the editor of Montana Woman Magazine on her show. You can also support Montana women's healthcare and safety by donating to women's organizations during Missoula Gives which will be May 2-3 this year.

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