I'll start by saying that this can be a sensitive topic for some, and this article aims to educate.

It used to be that human composting was one of the most popular, alternative burial options but a new study shows Montanans, in particular, are interested in trying something else.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, is it even legal to have your body composted after death? Not yet, but legislation has appeared around America and it is legal in some states, just not in Montana.

However, Montana does have a natural cemetery in Condon. The cemetery is on private land, and the owners have created a place where having a green burial is an option.

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Montanans may have to wait for regulations to hit the books for some methods, but more alternative burial options are being considered.

Choice Mutual surveyed Americans asking about alternative burial methods and Montana's results showed some interesting preferences.

Top Trend in Alternative Burial Options: United States

Overall, having a green burial was the most popular with all participants in the study. This method encourages using eco-friendly materials like straw that help materials break down into soil. This method ranked #4 with Montanans.

Human composting came in second overall but ranked #5 with Montanans.

The method that Montanans were the most interested in was Mushroom Suits. 

Top Trend in Alternative Burial Options: Montana

A mushroom suit has similarities to green burials or human composting in that the idea is to use organic materials to help the decomposition process. With mushroom suits, that process is facilitated by mushroom spores.

It's possible that this method ranked high with Montanans surveyed because mushrooms are common in Montana's ecosystem. The mushroom suit method also appears to be less complicated than other methods, which may appeal to Montanan's sensibility.

Be sure to take the poll (above) and let us know if you would consider an alternative burial method.

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