Another day, another strange fashion trend.

For the latest trend, I can't help but think it was inspired by Montana, at least a little bit.

A few months ago, I wrote that I thought Montana's 15 minutes of fame was coming to an end because "Montana" was everywhere, and people were bound to get tired of it. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Not only is Montana's 15 minutes of fame seemingly only beginning, but I think we just saw the trend that is kicking off minute 8, maybe minute 9.

Crocs Are Making Cowboy Boots Now

I thought I'd seen it all when Kizik partnered with Jet-Puffed to make a marshmallow shoe. While the black, grey, purple, and pink versions look like the "sleeping bag" style shoes you can get from REI, North Face, Teva, or other outdoor brands, the "toasted marshmallow" color really makes you think of marshmallows.

Kizik and Jet-Puffed
Credit: Kizik, Jet-Puffed

But then Crocs announced their latest shoe and now I've really seen it all.

I don't know if these shoes will pass muster with most Montanans. By popular demand, Crocs will release a Cowboy Boot on Crocs Day, October 23.

From a Crocs press release:

This Croctober transcends former years, as Crocs redefines creativity and self-expression by bringing to life highly anticipated activations requested by the fans, for the fans, and celebrating what it means to truly Come As You Are. This starts today, with the reveal of one of the most widely requested Crocs shoe designs in brand history – the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot!

I'm surprised that this is "the most widely requested Crocs shoe design in brand history" but then I think about Montana's 15 minutes of fame and well, this seems like it might be a byproduct.

Crocs, Inc.

The boot even features spurs, crocskin texture, and embroidery. The ventilation holes, I have to think, would cause a problem if you actually wore these on a ranch in Montana. Not only is it an opportunity for a buzzworm/nope rope to get your toes, but what happens when you step in a cow pie? You don't want that stuff squishing inside your shoes, do you?

But what do I know--maybe these are perfectly functional and fashionable. Tell me what you think:


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