There has been a major change in Costco over the last few months. The company has a new CEO, Craig Jelinek stepped down as CEO. As of January 1, 2024, the new CEO, Ron Vachris has taken over the position. According to Costco, Ron started his career as a forklift driver and is now the President and Chief Executive Officer for the company. Whenever a major change like this occurs, there are concerns on what other changes may be coming.

Another Change May Be Be Coming Soon

One such change that has been seen at Costco locations has been the addition of scanners for membership card at the entrance to some of their stores.

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There are a lot of questions that Costco members have about what possible changes could happen with a new CEO. Will they raise the price of the hot dogs in the food court, or their rotisserie chicken? For now there has been no reports of these changes. Costco is expanding even more though and we have seen evidence of that in Montana.

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Billings and Missoula Have Seen Changes With Costco Over the Last Year

Billings, Montana saw a new Costco location built. This wasn't an addition of a new Costco, the old Costco moved locations to a new building. The Missoula Costco has seen a remodel and expansion of the current location. According to Business Insider, they are planning on opening 31 new locations in 2024 with roughly 24 new locations in the U.S.

Will Montana See A New Costco Location? has announced there will new locations in the U.S. in Alaska, California, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. These stores are expected to open within the first half of 2024. Costco doesn't list any other new locations at this time. I think Montana could use another Costco location. Butte, Montana, in my opinion, would be a good location for a new Costco store.

Who Knows What Other Changes Will Come to Montana Costco?

With the new CEO in place, don't be surprised if you see changes coming to the Costco stores in Montana. We can only hope any changes we see will make our shopping experiences more enjoyable for everyone.

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