Montana has five Costco locations across the state, Kalispell, Helena, Missoula, Bozeman and Billings. According to their website they don't have any new locations planned in Montana at least through April 2024. A recent post on X from Costco Insider has people talking about a possible change that could be coming to all Costco locations, including Montana.

Costco May Be Changing the Way They Check Membership Cards

Normally when you go to Costco when you walk in the store you show your card to the person at the entrance. They don't normally check your card to see if you are the member. Even when checking out, the cashier scans the card and moves on. They used to take your card and put it on the register throughout the transaction and then give it back to you when they would give you your receipt. The act of just showing your card when you enter may be going away. It looks like Costco is testing a membership card reader to scan your membership card to make sure you are the member using the card.

There was a report back in June that Costco stores were reminding customers that use the self checkouts that they have to be members to shop at the store. This may be their response to people not always following the rules.

Montana Made Products You May Find at Costco

Costco is a resource for a lot of people in Montana, especially the rural areas. Some of their customers will travel great distances to stock up on goods and products at one of the few locations. If you shop at a Costco in Montana you will notice that they carry some Montana made products.

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It looks like Costco is currently just testing out the card reading machines. For now they aren't in all the stores, but it could be sooner rather than later before you see them pop up in Montana.

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