Costco stores are incredibly popular here in Montana. There are only five locations across the state, and every one that I have been to, always seems busy. Recently Costco has started making a change across some of their stores regarding scanning your membership card when going into the store, instead of having a person check your card. To shop at Costco regularly you need to have a membership. There are perks that go with having a membership to Costco. One of the perks is the extremely generous return policy.

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok for using this return policy. She returned a couch that she had used for 2 and a half years. The reason for returning the couch, she didn't like the color anymore. Costco returned the sofa, without a receipt, for a full refund. This has sparked a big debate online about the woman who returned the couch. There are people who feel she is taking advantage of Costco and morally shouldn't have returned the couch. Then there are those that feel it is up to Costco to change their policy if they don't want people to take advantage of it.

The Number Reason Costco Revokes Memberships

Whichever side of the issue you land on, you do need to be aware of one thing. Costco can revoke a persons membership at any time and for any reason. According to, the number one reason that Costco revokes memberships is when a member takes advantage of the liberal return policy. When you are shopping at Montana Costco, here is a list of of 5 Montana items that are available at Costco. 

Enjoy Costco, But Don't Take Advantage of Them

I have heard stories of people returning Christmas trees after the holiday for a full refund. I, personally, have returned clothing to Costco if it doesn't fit properly. That is mainly due to the fact that they don't have dressing rooms in their stores. If you have been able to return items to Costco, be thankful that is part of the membership. But be aware if you take advantage of them, you may see your membership revoked.

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