Costco is going through changes. They have a new CEO that took over on January 1st and they are going to have a new CFO that will be taking over on March 15th. Costco  stores are very popular in Montana and when changes happen, members pay attention.

Costco is Changing To Meet Customer Needs

One change that has been making it's way around Costco stores is the use of a scanner for their membership cards. When it comes to memberships, some people think that Costco doesn't revoke memberships. They can and they do, if they feel the situation is warranted.

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There is another recent change you may need to be aware of, Costco members are reporting a policy change in some stores. Having a Costco membership is now required to eat at the Costco food court. Signs have shown up in Orlando, Florida, stating effective April 8th membership will be required to purchase food court items. Some, but not all, Costco stores in the past have required memberships to purchase food, depending if the food court is outside or inside the store. It will remain to be seen if this change will be company wide including the stores in Montana.

Montana Costco Food Court Changes Coming
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A New Type Of Costco Is Opening in the U.S.

There is also a report that there may be a new type of Costco store on the horizon. According to Anchorage Daily News, Costco is opening a new appliance and furniture showroom. This would be a new approach to the way Costco has been selling their appliances and furniture. Customers will be able to look and touch the appliances that they are interested in purchasing. Costco currently runs an appliance and furniture warehouse in Puerto Rico.

Costco Is Expanding in 2024

Costco has plans to expand with more stores in first half of 2024. There will be stores coming to the U.S. in California, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. So far there are no announced plans for another location in Montana. But maybe this will a be a new type of Costco we will see in Montana in the future.

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