Look at that white picket fence.

A new listing popped up on Realtor.com today and when I saw the picture I couldn't help but think, "That is a wholesomely American-looking house."

It wasn't just the classic, white picket fence but the charming symmetry of the two square windows and the two rectangular windows in the front door, the triangle arch, and the welcoming blue mailbox.

Something about the house inspires nostalgia and an appreciation for simpler times. It all made sense when I saw that it's located in Butte, Montana (America). Where else would you find a home like this but Butte America?

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A Classic House for Sale in Butte

The property on 1720 Thomas Ave has two bedrooms and 1 bathroom and is listed for $209,000 by Mattew Blodgett with Tamara Williams and Company. While the house only has 894 square feet, the lot is 4,500 square feet--plenty of room for throwing a baseball in the backyard or starting a small flower garden.

Part of the charm too is that the house was built in 1930 but has some great updates, like new flooring and reclaimed wood in the kitchen. The era when this house was built was also a time shortly after Butte got its first airport and shortly before the streetcar system was updated with buses.

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The listing mentions it is close to a middle school and Harrison Avenue which has restaurants a bank and "The Corner Bookstore." Even the name of the bookstore is adorable!

Take a look below to see photos of the house in a town that seems to be insulated from all of the changes happening in Montana.

Adorable, Classically American Home For Sale in Butte, America

Like stepping back in time, take a look at this charming home for sale in Butte, Montana.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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