Recently, I took a trip to Canada for a much needed vacation. Even though Montana borders Canada, I don't visit there as often as I want. There are a lot of differences when you head to Canada, the money alone is a topic. The dollar bills are mostly plastic and the one (loonie) and two (toonie) dollar coins are common. Then there is the metric system. The signs aren't in miles, they are in kilometers. Gas isn't sold in gallons, it is sold in liters. These are all things you may be familiar with, but did you know there is a chain of restaurants in Canada that offer you a taste of Montana?

Montana's BBQ and Bar In Canada

There is a chain of restaurants in Canada called "Montana's BBQ & Bar" and they have locations across the country. According to Wikipedia, Montana's BBQ & Bar started in 1995. The location we saw was in Tsawwassen First Nation outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. The menu is about what you would expect with a Montana name. There are steaks, ribs, and burgers. There are more options for seafood at some of the locations.

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Visit Canada and Montana At the Same Time

The location that I saw was located in a mall and that reminded me of home. According to Yelp the Tsawwassen location does not have the best reviews, but that made it feel more like home, to me too. If you are planning on doing some traveling around Canada in the future, you may want to take a look at the Montana BBQ & Bar. Even though you are in a foreign country, and the kilometers may intimidate you, just know you can find a bit of home north of the border.

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