The definition of the word "underrated", according to, is "rated or evaluated too low". So thinking of something as being underrated, it usually doesn't get enough credit for how great it really is.

Some 'Overrated' Montana Towns

When it comes to rating towns in Montana, there seem to some towns that may be a little on the "overrated" side these days. Towns that are expensive, and that have been hyped up as great places to live. For some people the towns may not seem worth it. Missoula, Bozeman and Whitefish may come to mind when thinking about towns that could be considered "overrated".

Montana's 'Underrated' Town

When it comes to underrated Montana towns, there may be a few that come to mind. There are Montana towns that don't really get the credit they deserve. There is one Montana town, in particular, that has made a list of the "Most Underrated Town In Every State" according to Today's Homeowner. You may not believe which town they rank as Montana's "most underrated". If you have lived in Montana for any period of time you would probably never describe this town as "underrated".

I Don't Think It Means What You Think I Means

According to Today's Homeowner, Big Sky, Montana is their most underrated town in Montana. This is the same area that has seen rich and famous people visit and some of them call it their home. It has been described as one of the most beautiful places in Montana.


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Big Sky offers epic skiing in the winter, rivers, golf, hiking in the summer. It also offers what has been described as Montana's "Most Beautiful Restaurant" . To me, there is nothing about Big Sky that would ever be described as "underrated".

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