With so many people continuing to move to Montana, many Montanans have moved or are considering moving to other places. But Montanans living in other places around the world is nothing new. With the high percentage of veterans living in the state, many Montanans have spent time living in other places, and dare we say, enjoying themselves.

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Surprisingly, we recently found that a lot of Montanans seem to be switching places with people in Washington. It turns out that data within a few years shows that people from Montana are moving to Washington and vice versa.

But where are the best places Montanans have lived? I lived in Maine for four years when I was in grad school and I loved my time in Portland. Growing up in the mountains, it was a refreshing change to be on the ocean (though I don't miss the smell of fish one bit). I also appreciated the proximity to cities like Boston and New York.

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Montanans Favorite Place(s)

While there were multiple people who said they had either never lived somewhere else else, or had never found a place they liked better than Montana, there was a place(s) that many Montanans named as the best place they've ever lived.

Somewhat surprisingly, over and over people named locations abroad as the places where they loved living best. The second most frequently named place was Idaho, and then there was equal love for Texas, Colorado, and Washington.

We asked on our social media pages and answers came flooding in. Here's a look at some of the best places where Montanans have lived.

The Best Places Where Montanans Have Lived

Of course, Montanans love our state and many will always call it home, but here is an idea of the other places all over the world where Montanans have enjoyed living.

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