The mountains are evidently calling out to people who are looking to relocate. Montana has quite a few mountains, and it seems that a lot of people are responding to that call. I have lost count of how many articles we have written or referenced about how many people are moving to Montana. There are a lot. The numbers continue to back that up.

Montana Has Come in Third in Net Migration

According to, who uses US Census data information, Montana is one of the more popular states for relocation. Which is probably not a surprise to anyone who lives here. Montana ranks as the third most popular state for net migration on their list. Montana ranks just behind, both Idaho and Vermont respectively.

Idaho Is Number One

Idaho is the number one most popular state for net migration. According to the 2021 US Census report, Idaho saw almost 25 newcomers per 1,000 residents in 2021. That's five times more newcomers per capita compared to Texas.

Homes Are Smaller in Montana and the West

According to the report the size of homes that people are buying in Montana, and the west, are smaller than the national average. The national average for a newly sold single family home in 2022 is 2,559 square feet. In Montana and the western U.S., the average square footage of homes sold is 2,477 square feet. The biggest homes are in the Northeast U.S. at 2,756 square feet.

Other Montana Stats About Who's Moving Here

Most people moving to Montana are coming from Washington State, California and Colorado. The average age of people moving to Montana is 38. Some of the highest earners are moving here too. With average incomes from the top three states moving here above the Montana average household income of $97,000. It is cheaper for them to move here than to stay where they are.

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Bottom line, more people are moving to Montana and they are buying smaller homes here and in the west. Maybe someone will even buy a railroad car. Check it out below.

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Gallery Credit: Ashley


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