You can never have enough baked goods, right?

Spooky season is quickly approaching and there's nothing like a flaky Danish to go with your pumpkin spice latte. And if you consider yourself a "bakery connoisseur", then you want the best.

Since foodies love using Yelp we thought we'd do our own, albeit un-scientific, dive into the best bakeries in Montana to determine which one is the best. These bakeries were identified by town and then by the highest-rated bakery, not the most recommended one. So these places earned higher stars versus more reviews. Because of that, you might just discover a bakery you haven't visited yet.

The Best Bakery in Billings According to Yelp

Veronika's Pastry Shop - 5 Stars 22 Reviews

Veronika's has reached a beloved status in Billings thanks to the delightful owner and the international pastries. Veronika was also a 2023 Semifinalist for the James Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef or Baker.

The Best Bakery in Bozeman According to Yelp

Decadent - 5 Stars 5 Reviews

Owned by Bozeman native Allie Donaldson, Decadent features custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and treats. Fans rave about how creative her designs are.

The Best Bakery in Butte According to Yelp

Town Talk Bakery - 4.4 Stars 44 Reviews

It wouldn't be the best bakery in Butte, America, without treats dedicated to St. Patrick's Day.

The Best Bakery in Great Falls According to Yelp

Al Banco - 4.7 Stars 44 Reviews

You may first find yourself at Al Banco for a cup of coffee and the modern aesthetic, but don't sleep on their baked goods.

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The Best Bakery in Helena According to Yelp

Sunflower Bakery - 5 Stars 6 Reviews

Bread and treats, this Helena bakery sells leavened bread that is locally sourced and organic. One Yelper gave a shout-out to the scones and quiche as the best they'd ever had.

The Best Bakery in Livingston According to Yelp

Eastside Coffee - 5 Stars 27 Reviews

"Delicious...", "...generous portion", "tasty": Yelpers who have visited Eastside Coffee in Livingston appreciate the cozy atmosphere and the mix of sweet and savory options.

The Best Bakery in Missoula According to Yelp

Morning Birds Bakery - 4.6 Stars 29 Reviews

A couple of notes--Bernice's Bakery is easily the most recommended with the most reviews, but the highest-rated bakery according to Yelp isn't even located in Missoula, though the bakery says "Montana Grown Oregon Made" so they do have a Montana connection. That means the best bakery in Missoula according to Yelp is:

The Best Bakery in Montana According to Yelp

With the most five-star reviews of the highest-rated bakeries, Eastside Coffee in Livingston, Montana, appears to be the best Bakery in Montana according to Yelp. Have you eaten there? Think Yelp got it wrong? Tell us in the comments.

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