It may be the last day of summer, the the weather made a sharp turn toward fall in the past couple of days. Some Montana ski resorts even received their first snow of the season.

As the outdoor temperature went from highs in the 70s to highs in the 50s, we started to wonder if it was time to make the transition. You know the one we're talking about.

We posed this question on our Facebook page, and on the pages of our brother and sister radio stations to see if it was just us, or if Montana was ready to turn on the heat. As we read the dozens of comments some interesting patterns developed.

A Lot of People Turned on the Heat in the Last 24 Hours

Seems we all felt the change because a lot of people mentioned that they just turned on the heat for the first time this season.

  • "Turned it on last night to 70." - Cindy
  • "Just turned it on today - 68 degrees." - Evie
  • "Just did. 62 degrees."
  • "Yup. We live in Montana we turned it on yesterday. Today we put wood in our fireplace." - Kathy

A Lot of People Still Have Their AC On

Nothing like Montanans who are tough as nails.

  • "Hell nah still off with the ac on." - Dustin
  • "Nope I still have my AC up tomorrow will be remove AC and keep fans going." - Tarik
  • "Absolutely not! It's perfect." - Heather
  • "No! are you nuts?" - Tr

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 Quite a Few People Have Started Making Fires

  • "Pellet stove is running at 70." - Jesse
  • "I've started a couple of fires so far." - Steven
  • "Started the first fire tonight." - Danielle

Others Have Strict "Heat" Deadlines

  • "Nope! Too early for that. Put on more clothes or get under a blanket!" - Nicole
  • "I still have my AC going in my room! Heat dosent get turned on till end of November."  - Kasandra
  • "Not until October 1. I have sweaters and blankets." - Beth

What Temperature Is It Inside Montana Homes?

We took all the responses that mentioned what temperature their thermostat was at and took an average. If we round up, the average temperature that people set their thermostats to was 67 degrees.

You Know You're a Montanan If You Can End These With 'In the Woods'

Here's a fun way to see if you're a "true" Montanan. If you can end any of these phrases with "in the woods" and it applies to you, you might be a Montanan. Enjoy.

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