Today may be the last day of summer, but Montana ski resorts are already celebrating the first signs of winter.

Over the past 24 hours, or so, parts of Montana have seen rain and winter weather advisories. The National Weather Service has winter weather advisories in effect that expire today for:

  • Glacier National Park
  • Whitefish Range
  • Swan Range
  • Missoula Mountains
  • Northern Bitterroot Mountains
  • Flint Creek Range
  • Boulder Mountains

Additionally, there's a winter weather advisory in effect through Saturday for the Absaroka/Beartooth Mountains. A press release from Yellowstone National Park announced today that the section of Beartooth Highway between Long Lake barricade, near Top of the World Store, and the Montana/Wyoming state line is closed due to winter weather, citing 4 inches of snow and ice on the roadway.

Be advised that if you plan to recreate in higher elevations this weekend you may need more layers than you might expect.

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While some may be grieving the end of luxuriating on patios while wearing sunglasses and your favorite pair of Birkenstocks or Chacos, IPA in hand, it's time to switch to your comfiest flannel, Carharts, and trade your IPA for a porter or stout.

Snow Has Arrived in Montana

Montana ski resorts are tempting with teases of our impending winter. Winter forecasts predict that Montana is going to have a cold, snowy winter, which is really par for the course. Still, it's pretty exciting when those first flakes fall.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

The western Montana ski resort received a dusting and posted pictures on Thursday.

Showdown Montana

Isn't it kind of weird to see glimmers of the ski run, but so much of the terrain still uncovered? But then you look at the second photo, and seeing all those picnic tables covered in snow makes your heart leap.

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Big Sky Resort

Kudos to those who are working on the tram in these photos from Big Sky Resort.

Lost Trail Ski Area

Maybe the most winter-wonderland-like of all, this video from Lost Trail is totally stokeworthy.

But What About Autumn?

Only days ago it looked like autumn in the mountains. This video at Bridger Bowl was posted on September 20.

I'm sure we'll see some warm days in the next couple of weeks but for now, we can enjoy the anticipation.

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