When my husband was growing up, he and his mom planned an annual trip to Yellowstone National Park. Being that I grew up on the West side of the state, I didn't visit Yellowstone, rather, I visited Glacier National Park, and we really only visited during the summer.

But after I moved to Billings I started to visit Yellowstone more frequently. I realized just how many opportunities there are to see the park in different ways. One of the things that I think is so special about Yellowstone National Park is the way it changes during the four seasons. There's something to be appreciated in each one. The baby animals in the spring. The rushing waterfalls in the summer. The beautiful colors in the fall. The blankets of snow in the winter

We are in the midst of autumn, and if you've been watching the leaves, they have been changing relatively close to what the predictions said. Mid-October might be the perfect time to explore the southern part of the state. But if you can't travel during this time of the year, sometimes a photo is just as good. 

The National Park system has a collection of photos for every National Park and Yellowstone Park, in particular, has some beautiful photos of the park during autumn. Many of the trees are aspens and so they evoke beautiful golden colors. Contrasted against the rivers and mountains, it creates a spectacular visual.

Take a look at the following photos from Yellowstone National Park and photographer Diane Renkin.


Stunning Photos of Yellowstone National Park in the Fall

Take a "virtual visit" to the Park in autumn. Photos courtesy of the Nationa Park System and photographer Diane Renkin.

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