Autumn officially has arrived and already around Montana, we're starting to see the beautiful change in the leaves.

But in many places, and on many trees, things are still looking green. We've already considered when the first frost might arrive, and what kind of winter we may have, so let's take a look at when we can expect the fall colors to peak across Montana. Here's a look at predictions for fall foliage across the state.

When Will Montana See the Fall Colors Change in 2023?

Montana has already seen the leaves start to turn, beginning in the north along the high line and all the way down to the southern border by the last week of September. October is when leaves will really hit their peak across the state.

The Best Time to See Fall Colors in Montana: Next Week, October 2

It looks like we're coming right up on the best time to see colors across Montana. You may have your best chance in the northern parts of the state starting next week and in the southern parts of the state the week after.

You can play around with the fall foliage map and predictor at this link.

The Best Time to See Fall Colors in Montana's National Parks

This will depend on which park you want to visit. You'll want to go earlier in October if you'd like to visit Glacier National Park, but you'll want to go later in the month if you're visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Where Are the Best Places to See Fall Colors in Montana

Because of the terrain and fauna, you'll find tons of great places to see fall foliage in the western half of Montana. Thanks to early settlers, Missoula has Maple Trees that show beautiful colors throughout the season, but you'll also find impressive colors in Hamilton and Seeley Lake. Read our guide here.

And if you can't travel far this season, or you're not ready to let go of summer quite yet, keep scrolling to see beautiful photos of Glacier National Park from earlier this year.

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