This Saturday May 4th is  "World Naked Gardening Day". I wasn't aware there was such an event. Maybe that's because I live in Montana, and "naked gardening" is something that I haven't ever encountered. I have heard stories of people who live outside of town who claim to garden while naked. None of my neighbors are known to have this hobby.

Do Montanans Have This Hobby?

To me, naked gardening doesn't seem like it would be an attractive hobby to have in Montana. I am not the only one that seems to think so. According to, Montana has two cities that made the list of the top 500 "2024 Best Cities For World Naked Gardening Day". Two Montana towns made the list, but weren't anywhere near the top. In case you were curious, Miami, Florida is the best city in the U.S. for this particular hobby.

Montana's Two Cities That Made The List

Both Billings and Missoula made list of the 500 best places, but they ranked towards the bottom of the list. Missoula came in at 492, and Billings came in almost dead last at 496. If you have ever lived in Montana, you could probably figure out why we would rank so low on this list.

Is It Legal To Garden Naked in Montana?

There is the obvious question on whether naked gardening is even legal in the state of Montana. According to Montana laws on indecent exposure, 45-5-504, it would be considered indecent exposure if the person "knowingly or purposely exposes the person's genitals or intimate parts by any means, including electronic communication as defined in 45-5-625(5)(a), under circumstances in which the person knows the conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm in order to: abuse, humiliate, harass, or degrade another; or arouse or gratify the person's own sexual response or desire or the sexual response or desire of any person."


That is what the law states about being able to garden naked in Montana. The weather in the beginning of May isn't the most conducive for naked gardening. Montana's hearty plants also may make naked gardening difficult. For those that may find naked gardening attractive I wish you the best of luck with your gardens. I think I will just stick with my other hobbies for the time being.

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