Food is a topic that a lot of people have opinions about. Food can also stir up emotions. Missoula has it's share of some pretty amazing places to eat. We have everything from a hole in a wall small diner, to food trucks, to high end dining.

Guy Fieri Has Been To Montana

The celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, travels around the country and visits eateries on his Food Network show called "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". He has visited Montana in the past for his show, which featured Roost Fried Chicken and Storm Castle Cafe and Catering in Bozeman. He has yet to bring his show to Missoula. Personally, I think it would be fantastic if he were to come here and visit some of our awesome eateries.

If Guy Came to Missoula, Where Should He Eat?

There are a few places off the top of my head that I think would make for some entertaining television. Seeing Guy Fieri in Charlie B's visiting the Dino Cafe or at the Oxford at 2am, would be a dream come true. Chris and Ashley asked our listeners "If Guy Fieri came to Missoula where should he eat?". Here are your suggestions.

Magoo- Whiz Kid

Dico- Mo Club (Missoula Club) and Notorious P.I.G.

Ryan- Juicy burger from the Despo (Desparado)

Tara- Paul's Pancake Parlor

Melinda- El Cazador

Jennifer- Zoo Thai and Lolo Steakhouse

Dave- The Bridge Chicken Alfredo

Michelle- Conflux Brewing

Wendy- Flippers Casino and Saketome

Celia- Double Front Chicken

Randiea- The Iron Horse

Amy- Wally & Buck

Jen- Burns Street Bistro

Arthur- Biga Pizza

Peter- Miller Creek Cafe

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Some Think They are Good Enough Themselves

Some people believe they have what it takes to be on the show themselves.

Benjamin- My House

Gary- My house. Smoked apple/homemade sourdough stuffing rolled up and slow cooked pork loin with candied apples. Real mashed with smokehouse gravy. Steamed broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce. Cobbler with fresh vanilla ice cream.

Missoula Has Great Food Choices

Then there are those that think that Guy Fieri should just stay out of Missoula all together. Some were concerned he would go to their favorite eatery and ruin it for them. Whatever your opinion about Guy, and his show, what matters is that we are very lucky here in Missoula to have the choices we have in our very own "Flavortown".

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