A video posted to Facebook on April 24 at 12:15 pm shows what a petition of 3,200 Montanas advocating on behalf of Representative Zooey Zephyr looks like when printed out.

In the video, Amanda Curtis, with the Montana Federation of Public Employees, reads a letter to Speaker Reiger, then unrolls the names of 3,200 Montanans who signed the petition. The video is 3 minutes and 41 seconds long and already has over 2,000 views.

As seen above a man stops to ask Curtis, "What is it?" and she replies, "It's a petition to let Zooey Zephyr talk." He responds, "Oh wow."

The letter to Speaker Reiger notes that "Montanans expect, and respect, dissent and debate from our elected leaders. We ask that you honor Montana's democracy and let Representative Zephyr do her job for her constituents."

Representative Zephyr made national news when she spoke out against legislation banning gender-affirming care in Montana and subsequently was not allowed to speak further on the House floor.

In the following days, calls for support spread across the internet. Then, it was reported that on Monday, April 24, at least seven protesters who were in the gallery at the Montana House were arrested. A video published on Politico.com shows protesters chanting "Our house!" as members are asked to move to the side of the chambers while the Sergeant of Arms clears the gallery.

Additionally, the House voted today on whether or not to discipline or eject Zephyr. KGVO reported that the vote was 68 Yes to 32 No to discipline Zephyr. She is, however, still a member in good standing of the legislature.

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