We are counting down to the New Year. There is always a lot to look forward too with a new year, and 2024 is no exception. There is some good news on the horizon for a portion of Montana workers. The Montana minimum wage is set to increase starting January 1st, 2024.

Montana's Minimum Wage is Set To Increase in 2024

Currently the Montana minimum wage is $9.95 per hour, which is higher than the Federal Minimum wage, which is $7.25.  Montana's minimum wage is set to increase to $10.30 per hour in 2024. There are some exceptions for this. According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry here are the exceptions:

Exception: A business not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act whose gross annual sales are $110,000 or less may pay $4.00 per hour. However, if an individual employee is producing or moving goods between states or otherwise covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, that employee must be paid the greater of either the federal minimum wage or Montana’s minimum wage.

There is also no tip credit, meal credit, or training wage is allowed under Montana's Wage and Hour Laws.

Will $.35 an Hour Help Montana Workers?

With the cost of living and the amount of inflation we have seen in Montana over the most recent years, a $.35 increase an hour may not be enough for a lot of workers. It is a start and I am sure there is hope that it will help some workers have a little more stability and help them get closer to making ends meet. A lot of minimum wage jobs are "entry level" positions, and seeing people in those positions get an upcoming rase is a good thing for those Montana workers.

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