The legend of Sasquatch continues in Montana. The legend has always been interesting to me. Not to the point where I will quit my job and go hunting for these magnificent beasts. It is something that I find interesting because I think there is a chance I can spot one in my own back yard.

Maybe I Did Try to Find a Mythical Beast

Years ago I had the chance to visit Scotland and made a trip to Loch Ness. Did we sneak onto the grounds of Urquhart Castle on the shore of Loch Ness at night and hope for a sighting of the legendary "Loch Ness Monster"? Maybe, they didn't have security cameras back then so there is no proof.

Sasquatch Has a Following in Montana

The Northwest has a history of Sasquatches and here in Montana this past summer there was even a festival dedicated to the beast, the "Sasquatch Freedom Festival" held in Arlee. There is also a theory about why there are so many sightings of Sasquatches in the Northern United States and Canada. We had the story about a Sasquatch one time causing a flat tire in Kalispell.

Did They Capture Sasquatch on Video in Yellowstone?

Recently video footage has been uploaded to TikTok by Movie Guy 2 of what is being described as two Sasquatches in Yellowstone National Park. The person taking the video thought they were bears. The claim is that they showed the video to park rangers and they seemed to think they were Sasquatches since they seem to be traveling on two legs. The video is below:

What Do you Think?

What do you think, Sasquatch? Bears? Something else? I am not sure that these two creatures are Sasquatch, but I am sure Sasquatch do exist. By the way we never did see the Loch Ness Monster, but it didn't stop us from trying.

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