When it comes to highway safety on Montana roads we try to keep you updated on issues that could affect the drivers in our state. There was the Ford Truck and SUV recall that took place in 2022, that affected over 650,000 vehicles across the nation. There is currently a recall that will affect over 2,000,000 vehicles across the country.

Tesla Is Recalling Almost All of Their Vehicles

Tesla has announced a recall of almost all of it's vehicles. According the the Associated Press, Tesla is recalling the vehicles to update software and fix a defective system that is supposed to ensure drivers are paying attention while operating a vehicle even when vehicle is in "autopilot" mode.

We Used To Play "Spot the Tesla" in Montana

When my son started to notice more Tesla vehicles across Montana he used to shout it out. They used to be a rare sight, so it was a game we played when traveling. Now we don't play the game nearly as much, because Teslas are much more common these days. One of these days we will eventually see the new Tesla Cybertruck on Montana roads. Recently a video went viral of a Cybertruck getting stuck on a snowy road while out getting a Christmas tree. It was pulled out by a Ford truck. You can see the video and an explanation of what happened below.

Still Haven't Seen a Cybertruck on Montana's Roads Yet

I have yet to seen a Tesla Cybertruck on Montana roads. Tesla is delivering the trucks to those that have been on their waiting list, so we may be seeing them one of these days. For those that are purchasing the Cybertruck, Tesla has a penalty on reselling the truck too soon.

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Now that we do see more Teslas on the roads, I think me and my family will go back to the old "slug bug" game. We will look for classic Volkswagen Beetles on the roads. They are getting harder to find on Montana roads these days so that will be much more of challenge.

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