After living in a place for a while, you start to learn about what makes it tick. Maybe you learn about a "backway" to get somewhere, or learn the lingo of the locals. Eventually you will start to learn some "unwritten rules" of where you live, the little things you learn to help you fit in and get along. Not a lot of people will pull you aside and teach you these rules.

"Unwritten Rules" Aren't Just For Newcomers, Young Montanans Can Learn Too

Montana continues to see an increase in people moving to our state from all kinds of different places. These days it's not uncommon to see license plates from Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and more. We wanted to know what "unwritten rules" we have for people who are new to Montana or the next generations of Montanans. We asked you to provide them on our Facebook pages. Here are some "unwritten rules" that you need to be aware of while living in Montana.

"Bigfoot" Follows Some of Montana's Rules

A lot of the "unwritten rules" could be described as just be like Bigfoot. You may ask yourself, WWBFD, "What Would Bigfoot do?".

A'Traiyo- Take your garbage with you.

Donato- If you open a gate, you close the gate behind you.

Charlie- Always CLOSE THE GATE!

Colton- No glass on trails, on the river/lake/hot springs.

Vicki- Never eat yellow snow.

Jamie- Mind your business at all times in all situations.

Montana "Unwritten Rules" for Driving

There were a lot of Montana "unwritten rules" that have to do with driving. What's amusing about some of these is they are actual written laws, it may seem like many people don't actually follow them.

Joe-Slow down when you are meeting someone on a gravel road so you don't gravel blast each other.

Beccie- On our mountain roads, narrow and/or snow covered, the person driving up yields to the person coming down.

Damon- If you can't go the speed limit and are holding up 5+ cars pull onto the shoulder when safe to let people pass on 2 lane highways.

Jason- Don't drive in the left lane unless you are going VROOM VROOM!

Scott- Stay to the right except to actively pass. Drive in the right lane, pass in the left. For the people who are merging onto the interstate don't have the right of way.

Brandy- The little white crosses on the highways represent the lives lost on that spot.

Being Kind in Montana

Being kind and helpful are also some "unwritten rules" for Montana.

Hal- Always lend a hand.

Jamie- If someone is broke down on the side of the road, stop and see if they need a hand! Do what you can to help others in most circumstances.

Kaylene- Smile and nod if I smile and nod! Essentially reciprocate kindness!! We (I) were here first and that is the culture we created and want to continue!

Paula- Flash your headlights to warn the driver for deer/sheep on or near the road. Also nice to do to warn about cops ahead.

Tonya- Don't pee in the water while on a tube float down the river. It will follow you. Get a mesh bag for those empty soldiers and tie it to your tube.

Yes, California Was Mentioned

One of the most popular responses was giving a little wave when oncoming vehicles meet on some of our roads. They don't have to always be gravel roads. When someone gives you a "two finger wave" from the steering wheel, you should give one back. Some other popular answers had to do with California. The only advice we can give you about that would be, the sooner you can get Montana license plates on your vehicle the better it will be.

We appreciate all the helpful and positive responses we received to our question. It goes a long way to helping everyone in Montana get along.

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