Eating out in a 'sit-down' restaurant for me and my family these days doesn't happen that often. There are occasions when we do get the opportunity for a special treat. Recently we ate a local restaurant and overall it was a good experience.

Surprises on Our Bill

The bill itself wasn't outrageous, and after paying and tipping, we were on our way. However, a closer look at the receipt back home revealed some surprises. I know the price of food has increased, I was prepared for that. There were a few things on the bill that I wasn't prepared for.

We had ordered fries with our meals. The waitress asked if we wanted ranch dressing for the fries, the younger people in our group said yes. We were charged for the sides of ranch. That was a bit surprising, when we were asked if we wanted ranch there wasn't a charge mentioned. Ketchup, on the other hand, was brought with no charge.

What Did I Miss?

Now I am a self-proclaimed  "picky eater". So I asked for the tomatoes to be left off of my sandwich. The order was correct, the tomatoes were left off the sandwich. But on the bill I was charged for the tomatoes that I asked to not be included. What did I miss? If anything they should have given me a credit, since I asked for less food and saved them some money. The only thing I could think was that I was charged for a substitution for my meal. Even then, it wasn't a substitution it was an exclusion of food, or they just made a mistake.

Check Your Receipts

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I made the mistake of not looking too carefully at my bill until I got home, that was on me. Being charged extra for food that I specifically asked not to have, that was on them. Out of respect for the restaurant, I am purposefully not mentioning them by name. From now on I will be looking more carefully at all my receipts.

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