Celebrating Christmas in Montana can be magical. It's a great place to celebrate the holiday. I have been lucky enough to celebrate most of my Christmases in Montana. There have been a few here and there, where I have been traveling to visit family. I have celebrated Christmas in places like Napa, CA, Portland, OR and most recently, in London, England last year. I have to say Montana is my favorite place to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas in Montana Can Be Magical

There is so much to look forward to. For me a big part of the season has to be the snow and the cold. According to the Farmer’s Almanac there is a good chance that we are going to have a white Christmas across the state this year. I have been in places that don’t have snow, or cold for that matter, and it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

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The Top Christmassy Towns in the U.S.

According to a survey from Mixbook.com. There are two Montana towns that have made their list of "America's Favorite Christmassy Towns of 2023". They surveyed over 3000 people across our country to find out the most "Christmassy" towns. The number one most Christmassy town in the nation is Pigeon Forge, TN followed by Durango, CO, Lake Placid, NY, Stowe, Vermont, and rounding out the top five is Alexandria Virginia.
Mixbook.com listed the top 75 "Christmassy" towns across the country. Two Montana towns made the list.

Montana Has Two Towns That Are Christmassy

Ranked at 51 is Whitefish Mt. That is a tough one to argue with because Whitefish is a great Christmas town. You have Whitefish Mountain that over looks the city. They have night skiing, and when the the mountain lights up, it is pretty special. They also host a "Christmas Stroll" every year.

Credit: Whitefish Christmas Stroll via Facebook
Credit: Whitefish Christmas Stroll via Facebook

Bozeman, Montana Is Also "Christmassy"

Coming in at number 57 on the list is Bozeman, Mt. Bozeman also offers a Christmas Stroll yearly too.

Credit: Visit Bozeman
Credit: Visit Bozeman

If you are looking for alternative spots to celebrate Christmas in Montana this year, there are some really great Christmas towns that may not be as popular as Whitefish and Bozeman, but are just as "Christmassy". You can find out about them here.

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