When kicking off a new year, some people take this time to reflect and to make resolutions. One popular resolution is to take part in is "Dry January", which is to not drink any alcohol during the month of January. Maybe this year will see more people taking part in "Dry January". According to a recent report from NBC news, 2023 beer consumption across the U.S. dropped to it's lowest point since 1999.

Montanans Like Their I.P.A.s

I am not sure we have to worry about that in Montana. There doesn't seem to be any dip in the popularity of beer in our state. For those that continue to enjoy a beer every once in a while Montana has a lot of great beers to choose from. Every day there seems to be another flavor or type of beer being created to add to the choices. One of the most popular types of beer being brewed in Montana is the India Pale Ale, or I.P.A. for short.

Montana's Highest Rated I.P.A. May Surprise You

There are two types of beer drinkers. There are people who like I.P.A. beers and then there is everyone else. It seems like every singe brewery in Montana brews at least one I.P.A. Some breweries make three or four of them. According to VinePair.com, one Montana I.P.A. stands out among the best. It isn't from Missoula, Bozeman or Billings. It is brewed in Helena, Montana.

Montana's Highest Rated I.P.A. Comes From Helena

According to VinePair, 46% of all craft beer brewed in 2022 was an I.P.A. Out of the many that are being brewed in Montana the highest rated I.P.A.is the Tumbleweed I.P.A. from Lewis and Clark Brewing out of Helena.

Credit: BeerAdvocates via VinePair.com
Credit: BeerAdvocates via VinePair.com

Of course lists like this are subjective. What matters to most people is their individual taste. Next time you plan to enjoy an I.P.A., if you haven't already, maybe give this one a taste. Please enjoy responsibly. Check out the "Best Beers In Every State" below and let the debate continue.

LOOK: Best Beers From Every State

To find the best beer in each state and Washington D.C., Stacker analyzed January 2020 data from BeerAdvocate, a website that gathers user scores for beer in real-time. BeerAdvocate makes its determinations by compiling consumer ratings for all 50 states and Washington D.C. and applying a weighted rank to each. The weighted rank pulls the beer toward the list's average based on the number of ratings it has and aims to allow lesser-known beers to increase in rank. Only beers with at least 10 rankings to be considered; we took it a step further to only include beers with at least 100 user rankings in our gallery. Keep reading to find out what the best beer is in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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