Tipping is a topic that I never seem to get tired of talking about. It's a subject that almost everyone has an opinion about. That is because it affects all of us. Whether you are going out to dinner, going to pickup some takeout, or just shopping, a tip is almost always expected. Over the holidays I purchased a gift for my wife online.  After purchasing the gift, I was then prompted on the option to tip. I didn't tip.

95% of Restaurant Owners Don't Want to do Away With Tipping In NY

A story that came out by ABC7ny.com, reports that there is a proposed bill in New York that would raise minimum wage pay for service industry workers. It's proposed that workers who make tips make a minimum of $10.65 an hour, if their tips don't add to $16 an hour or more, their employer will make up the difference. 95% of restaurant owners that were surveyed don't want this change.

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Montana and Tipping

My opinion on tipping isn't something that others may agree with. I don't like tipping. I don't think that I should have any control over what a person makes for a living, I don't deserve that power. Recently I found something that gave me pause and just may be the exception to my feelings on tipping. See below:

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I don't have a problem with this at all. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to tip in this situation. I know the hard work, dedication and courage it takes for a person to play music in front of an audience. I try to support local live music whenever I can. For me these are two separate tipping issues. Even if the musician is being paid by the establishment, I think they deserve a little something to show my appreciation.

For Now Tip Your Waitstaff

I know the hard work, dedication and courage it takes for a person to go to work every day too, I just don't think their pay should be determined by me. Until we do away with tips, have a great day, support your local music and don't forget to tip your waitstaff.

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