Tim Montana starts his story by saying, "Folks, sometimes the truth is more bizarre than fiction. This is the tale of two trucks."

If you're not familiar with Tim Montana, you're missing out. The musician grew up near Butte and counts among his friends and collaborators people like Dave Grohl, Kid Rock, and Billy Gibbons.

Recently, Montana was interviewed by Chuck Armstrong from Loudwire Nights where he talked about Dave Grohl and Billy Gibbons. In a video of the interview, Billy Gibbons has a cameo.

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Over the holidays, Montana shared a hilarious story about a mishap he had with his truck.

It's no secret that white is a popular vehicle color--it's Missoula's favorite car color as well as 40% of U.S. states according to iseecars. It's also no secret that a lot of Montanans drive trucks. Put the two together and this can happen.

Montana explains that he asked his nephew to pick up the truck, a GMC AT4, but that was the exact same truck someone else had and oops, they hid the key in the same place so the wrong truck came home. It was Montana's daughter who noticed that it wasn't their truck.

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Montana says that they called the police and the airport and tried to get ahold of the individual who owned the truck. Fortunately, it sounds like the individual was in Mexico and he got "a good chuckle out of it." According to Montana, he said, "Return my truck and we'll be all good."

Montana finished the story by saying "The moral of the story is don't jack trucks on Christmas." Hilarious.

Several comments on the Instagram video describe similar things happening to other people so this may be a bit of a phenomenon. Have you ever ended up with the wrong car by accident? Tell us the story in the comments.

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