With shopping season in full swing there are issues that come along with it, the crowds, the hassles, the stores, the parking lots. Let's face it, some of Missoula's parking lots are a lot more difficult to navigate than others. There are parking lots in this town that I downright avoid during the day. I will try to go to the stores as early as I possibly can, since I am basically a morning person. As I navigate our parking lots I have discovered a few ways to make them more manageable and maybe save you a headache or two.


  • Take the small one- If you have more than one vehicle in your family, always take the smaller one, just that alone will help.
  • Slow down - Parking lots are getting more and more crowded not only with vehicles but with people too, keep the speed down.
  • Keep it between the lines. - The lines aren't suggestions, keep your vehicle in the lines.
  • Learn to use roundabouts. Some parking lots are big enough now that they have roundabouts in them. Learn to use them.
  • Exits - Most parking lots have more than one entrance or exit. You don't all have to line up to use the most convenient exit and back up traffic on the street and in the parking lot, use a different exit and maybe go around the block.
  • Off Hours - Maybe consider shopping at different times of the day. I know this isn't always the case, but consider it.
  • Be Polite - Leave the "Road Rage" at home. Everybody wants the same thing, get in, get out and get on our way safely.

I know this list is mostly common sense, but if we all work together we can make sure that our shopping experiences aren't miserable this holiday season. Be safe out there and take care.

THANK YOU! Photos from the 2022 Guerrilla Turkey Drive in Missoula, Montana

Townsquare Media Missoula would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the members of the community who made the 2022 Guerrilla Turkey Drive possible this year! A special thank you to our sponsors Decker Trucking, KPAX, and Missoula Electric Cooperative. It was a fantastic day of giving. 🦃💛

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