We may not be able to say that Montana has been snubbed again, but with the incredible music news we've had lately, it seems that Montana is worthy of a spot on a list that was recently published.

It's almost record store day so a lot of new music or reissues will drop and lists like the 'best record stores in the country' are being published. One such list from StudyFinds put together "A Coast-to-Coast Guide To The Best Record Stores In The US" and they have some admirable selections, and none of them are in Montana.

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Do Montana record stores hold live concerts with the likes of Paul McCartney? Probably not. Or have cafes? Not exactly. But they create a sense of community the same way that many stores on the list do. So here's a little shout-out to a few of the faves around the state.

Cameron Records sticker
Eric Warren

Cameron Records, Billings, Montana

You might not think of "customer service" as the first priority for a record store. Usually record stores have the cool, "I'm not gonna bug you vibe" that supports hours of flipping through the stacks. But the cheery folks at Cameron Records want to make all of your music dreams come true. They'll ask you if you need help, let you look, and then genuinely support your purchase, whatever it is.

Ear Candy Music, Missoula, Montana

They've had exclusive music drop events from Green Day and Nirvana this year, the kind of release that only happened in limited places around the world. That's some serious cred. Check their socials often--they'll let you know about the latest used vinyl they get on the regular.

The Wax Museum Bozeman

The Wax Museum, Bozeman, Montana

They might have one of the coolest buildings for a record store you've ever seen. Part of its charm is how small it is because it creates an intimate experience that leads to great conversation and recommendations from the owner.

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