Montana doesn't need to be on every "top" or "best" list, but this seems like an oversight.

Lovefood came out with a list of the best classic diners in America and Montana didn't make the list. Lovefood's list is not a list of the best diners in every state, but it still seems like a Montana diner should have ended up on the list somewhere.

What Qualifies as a 'Classic Diner' in Montana?

A diner in Montana may have different qualities than the classic diners around the rest of the country, but what it comes down to in my mind is the aesthetic and the food. Classic Montana diners usually have one or more of the following:

  • old chairs/old fashioned chairs/swivel stools
  • Melts or open-faced sandwiches
  • black coffee, pancakes, and biscuits and gravy

With that in mind, here are 11 classic Montana diners we think are worthy of the designation "best classic diner."

Ruby's Cafe - Missoula, Montana

Maybe Ruby's Cafe didn't end up on Lovefood's list because it's already received a lot of attention for its cameo in "Yellowstone." But look at that waffle. A little fame shouldn't disqualify it from being the best classic diner in Montana.

Minnies Montana Cafe - Thompson Falls, Montana

The whiteboard alone makes Minnies Montana Cafe a candidate for the best classic diner in Montana.

Stella's Kitchen & Bakery - Billings, Montana

The cinnamon rolls are legendary and worthy of a little national attention.

Echo Lake Cafe - Bigfork, Montana

A long-time favorite among locals, this place also shows that a good classic diner in Montana probably also has a rustic vibe.

Montana Cafe - Darby, Montana

How could a Cafe with a song by the same name (sung by Hank Williams, Jr. no less) NOT make a list of best classic diners?

Bettys Diner - Polson, Montana

It may not be as old as other Montana diners (founded in 2009) but Betty's Diner leans into the traditional aesthetic.

Western Cafe - Bozeman, Montana

This is the photo that should earn the Western Cafe a spot on the "best classic diner" list.

Glen's Cafe - Florence, Montana

Glen's Cafe Florence Montana

Barely off the beaten path, you know what you have to order. (Pie. The answer is pie.)

Ennis Sunrise Cafe - Ennis, Montana

If an authentic photo of cowboys could be enough to get Western Cafe on the list, then the artistic display of trees, an elk, and a cowboy leading a line of horses on the Ennis Sunrise Cafe is also a worthy selling point.

The Buffalo Cafe - Whitefish, Montana

The line, or length of time you have to wait to get a table is as good a reason as any to nominate The Buffalo Cafe.

The Roadhouse Diner - Great Falls

Possibly the most deserving diner on the list and the biggest snub of all is the Roadhouse Diner in Great Falls, Montana. Can any other Montana diner claim as many accolades as they hold? They've been featured on the Food Network, and in Travel and Leisure Magazine, and they've won "Best Burger in Montana" for the last seven years.

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