I am one of the many millennial women who love going to Target. I even have date nights with my husband where we walk through Target and talk about the things we see on the shelves. It's almost like window shopping downtown, or (throwback) cruising the mall. 

Shopping at Target vs. Montana Department Stores

The changes at Target lately have been ones I'm very excited about. Never in the world did I think I could buy Clinique products at Target. That used to be something you could only buy at department stores like Dillards, or going way back, the Bon Marche. Thanks to the new Ulta Store embedded inside the Missoula Target, I could get skincare, makeup, home goods, and groceries in one place if I wanted to. But I admit I try to shop local when I can.  

On a recent visit to Target, I purchased a lot of things and the total price was pretty high (yes, I'm fulfilling my stereotype).


But I had forgotten that once upon a time I signed up for Target Circle. I reflexively punched in my phone number when it was time to pay and the store clerk told me I had earned points. I saved almost $50 on that purchase. Walking out of the store I thought to myself, huh, maybe I should pay more attention to this rewards program. 

New Membership Program at Target

Well, yesterday Target Corporation announced that their Target Circle program is expanding and there is a membership option that will become available April 7, 2024. This is kind of exciting.

They will still have the free option that gives you deals. And they're doing something I have seen other stores do, and I'm glad. You don't have to search for the coupon or the discount anymore. If you're enrolled in the program, you automatically get the deal when you checkout.

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They of course also have the Target card option that they call Circle Card, with savings and shipping perks but it's their delivery service that's part of Circle 360 that I think most people will appreciate.

What You'll Get in the Target Membership

Target will offer same-day delivery, grocery delivery, and the option to deliver to yourself or to someone else. You know what that means? If you're like me and you remember 24 hours before birthdays and holidays that you wanted to get a gift for someone, Target can help you out. Score. 

The membership seems pretty reasonably priced at $49 for the first year to start but if you want more details check out the announcement from Target.

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