The Montana real estate market continues to be challenging.

Prices are still very high. Recently, it was reported that Bozeman's median home price is higher than Seattle's. If you've lived in Montana for a while that's really hard to wrap your brain around. 

Montana Homes and Sustainable Features

Price tags aside, I've noticed an encouraging trend in Montana real estate listings lately. We wrote about two ranches for sale in Montana, the Fire Tower Ranch and the Grey Cliffs Ranch, and both listings mentioned changes to the landscape to increase native grasses and foliage and support the natural ecosystem. 

Additionally, Agent Advice used Google Keyword data to find the features that Montana homebuyers want most and found that solar panels were at the top of the list. Ceiling fans were at #2, likely because of their efficiency. 

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If you're already a Montana homeowner, these features might be desirable upgrades. Depending on where you live and if your neighborhood has an HOA/covenant, you can try xeriscaping to limit the need for irrigation, or plant drought-resistant native plants.

As for solar panels, if you are hoping to save money, find out if having solar panels will offset your electricity bill first. If you don't use a lot of electricity, there may not be much cost savings. Get an estimate or quote from a local solar panel company and you can usually answer this question.

Montana Homes and Interior Design

The Google Keyword data from Agent Advice also mentioned that the farmhouse aesthetic is still popular but this is where I think their data and reality differ.

Pollyanna Snyder, Engel & Volkers Bozeman via
Pollyanna Snyder, Engel & Volkers Bozeman via

Some of the most beautiful homes in Montana I've seen have always had that rustic, log cabin look, like the Fire Tower Ranch, listed by Pollyanna Snyder of Engel & Volkers Bozeman. Sure, many have animals mounted on the wall, but other beautiful design elements make a 'Montana aesthetic' attractive to home buyers: 

  • natural wood accents
  • wooden beams
  • hardwood floors
  • large windows without drapes
  • natural (not neutral) colors
  • textiles made from natural fibers
Farmhouse Aesthetic
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

The farmhouse aesthetic features black and white or neutral colors, painted shiplap, and other country elements. Yes, you'll find beautiful Montana houses with the farmhouse aesthetic, but I think it's a style that's losing favor with people.

Montana homes mimic the beauty of Montana's landscape, and I do think homebuyers look for that. 

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