The spring sports seasons are underway in Montana. That means it is time to travel and enjoy all that Montana throws our way in terms of weather, roads, and sportsmanship. Missoula is a community that helps to support our athletes. The University of Montana has broken ground on an indoor sports facility that will be constructed in the river bowl area and should be finished by this fall. This facility will be supporting multiple sports for the Griz, football, track, and softball. One of the great things about this facility is that it is funded privately, not using taxes. That is a great example of community support.

The Missoula Wild Lacrosse Team Can Use Your Support

Another example of community support that has happened recently is the support of the Missoula Wild lacrosse team. The Missoula Wild are going to be doing yard work  this spring to help raise money for their season. The great news for the team, is that the yard work campaign is full this season, due to overwhelming support. If you missed out on the lawn clean up and are looking for another way to help out these Missoula athletes, you are in luck, there is another opportunity for you to help the teams and get some great food or drinks too.

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A Great Way To Support The Missoula Wild is the Upcoming "Pint Night"

Coming up on Monday April 24th, from 6p-10p, the Missoula Wild lacrosse team will be hosting a "Pint Night" at the Thomas Meagher Bar at 130 W. Pine Street. A portion of the proceeds from the nights sales will go to help support the team. This is another great and easy way to help support the team. The team gets help and you get to eat some great food.

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