There is a group of young athletes in Missoula that need your help, and they can help you out at the same time. It sounds like a "win-win" situation. If you are looking to get your yard cleaned up the Missoula Wild High School Lacrosse team would like to help you out. Members of the team will come to your house and rake and clean your yard.

Missoula Lawn Cleaning is Coming Up In April

The event will be taking place on Sunday April 23rd. According to the Missoula Lacrosse Facebook page:

Burly, hard-working lacrosse players will get your Spring yard clean-up done! This is an annual fundraiser for the Missoula Wild Lacrosse club, a 501C3 non-profit organization that promotes lacrosse in Missoula, MT.
Fee: $125/hour
4-5 players plus parent supervisor will rake, bag leaves, weed, spread mulch, move heavy objects and clear branches.
If you or someone you know would like their yard cleaned on April 23rd,, please email your name and phone number to Sally Painter at (406) 552-7246
Credit: Missoula Wild Lacrosse via Facebook
Credit: Missoula Wild Lacrosse via Facebook

Lacrosse in Montana is a "Club Sport"

Lacrosse in Montana is a "club sport", which means it doesn't get the support of the schools like football, basketball and softball do. The teams rely on fundraising to make sure they have the uniforms and the equipment they need to be able to compete across the state.
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A Different Kind of Fundraiser in Missoula

Every sport or extracurricular activity in schools fundraise to help offset the expense of travel in a state as big as Montana. They sell popcorn, oranges, chocolate and more. This is a different kind of fundraiser. You get to give your back a rest and help out some great kids at the same time.

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