There are trophies for the champions in professional sports, then there is the one. Lord Stanley's Cup is, in my humble opinion, the toughest trophy to win and it is the coolest trophy to win. The myth and the legend of the cup goes back over 100 years. It was dubbed the "Stanley Cup" in 1893 and it is a trophy that has been around. It isn't some trophy that an executive puts in his office, of the winning team puts it on display at their stadium. The Cup travels with the players and the "Keeper of the Cup", whose job is to try to make sure nothing bad happens to the cup.

The Stanley Cup Was in Montana Again Recently

Each member of the winning team gets to have their day with the cup and it has travelled all over the world. Including stops in Montana. Recently the Stanley Cup was spotted at the Rock Creek Cattle Company in Deer Lodge.

Credit: Las Vegas Golden Knights via Facebook
Credit: Las Vegas Golden Knights via Facebook
Credit: Las Vegas Golden Knights via Facebook
Credit: Las Vegas Golden Knights via Facebook

The Cup has Been to Montana Before

This isn't the first time that Montana has seen the Stanley Cup. The cup was brought to the Flathead back in 2011. It was also brought to Montana in 2002 and I had a chance to see it at a Costco in Missoula. I got a phone call from a friend saying the cup was in town. I didn't believe him, but he assured me it was here. So I went to go see the cup and sure enough the Stanley Cup was at Costco.

The Cup was at Costco in Montana

Uwe Krupp, a defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings, had won the cup and was going to take it to Seeley Lake, Montana, where he spent his off season. Before he took it to Seeley he wanted to get a bunch of pictures developed to autograph for the community. Back then Costco in Missoula, was the only place close enough to Seeley where he could get that many pictures developed in a short amount of time. While they were waiting for the pictures to be developed they put the cup on display.

Meeting the "Keeper of the Cup"

It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. We not only got a chance to see the cup, we met Uwe and the "Keeper of the Cup" at the time Phil Pritchard all at a Costco in Montana. I never got a picture with Uwe since he was waiting for his pictures to be developed, but I did get a picture of the cup. You will have to forgive the picture, this was back in the day when you took pictures from an old mobile phone and printed them out on a piece of paper.

Superstitions Around the Cup

If you ever have a chance to see the Stanley Cup, I highly recommend it. It is just as cool as you think it is. There are a lot of superstitions around the cup. One of them is if you are a player and you touch the cup without winning it, you will never win the cup. Even though I am not a player, I still didn't touch the cup. My favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks won the cup 8 years later in 2010. If I had touched the cup, maybe they wouldn't have won.

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