Warning: Spoilers Ahead The Following Will Discuss Santa Claus

The countdown to Santa Claus visiting houses of all the good boys and girls across the globe is getting closer. That also means that there will be some "Santa Magic" happening Montana soon.

Keeping the Holiday Magic As Long As We Can

Growing up in Montana, my parents and grandparents tried to do whatever they possibly could to keep the Santa magic alive for as long as they could. I always appreciated the effort. It wasn't easy. My grandparents had twelve kids and I, myself, have four siblings. It was difficult to keep that world of magic alive for my family because it trickles down. Once one kid understands how the "magic" happens, it's only a matter of time before the other kids follow. I like to believe that I was a little naive about the "magic" and really didn't want to know the truth. My older siblings did a good job trying to keep the "magic" alive as long as they possibly could.

Montana Keeps The Magic Longer Than Most

It looks like other Montanans try to do the same thing. According to BetCarolina.com, Montana likes to keep the "magic" longer than a lot of other states. Montana ranks as the 30th state for the age of when kids stop believing. The average Montanan is 9 years and one month old when that happens. The state that keeps the "magic" alive longest is Texas, with the average age of kids who still believe at 10 years and 5 months old. The state that has the youngest kids that don't believe anymore is Oregon, with the average age when kids no longer believe is 7 years and 6 months old.

Montana Can Use Some "Holiday Magic" This Time of Year

I've tried my best to continue to keep the "magic" alive for my kids. Even though they are both much older now. I like to think that a part of them still believes. That may be me being naive again, but I don't care. Let the kids be kids. I believe we can still believe in  a little "Holiday Magic" this time of year, and try to get it to last as long as we possibly can.

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