See if you know which eatery I'm talking about. If you're a long-time Missoulian, you've certainly been there.

Like many cities, Missoula has its places that are less obvious. Alleys, basements, there's so much to explore in "unseen" Missoula, that there are actually tours about it.

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Missoula's Hidden Businesses

Even some of Missoula's popular establishments are tucked away. This isn't the secret restaurant we're talking about, but Stave & Hoop is located at the bottom of a long, dark staircase that you access from an alley. They even call themself a speakeasy because, as they say, "We wouldn't be much of a speakeasy if we were really easy to find."

Even some of Missoula's yoga studios are nestled inside larger buildings or accessible via an alley.

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But what about the restaurant that is so secret it's not really a restaurant, it's more of an eatery?

Missoula's Not So Secret, Secret Eatery

This place is inside a bar, that doesn't even have a sign, just the bar's initials on the door. If that's not a secret, I don't know what it is. And yet, just about everybody knows about the Dinosaur Cafe.

Located at the back of Charlie B's, the Dinosaur Cafe is the place for Southern and Cajun food in Missoula.

Being inside Charlie B's comes with a sort of charm that's unique to Missoula. It's a place filled with stories, in a way that classic American Diners are. When you go to Charlie B's and the Dinosaur Cafe, you're literally surrounded by the regulars.

And in true Missoula fashion, the Dinosaur Cafe isn't without a little quirky humor.

And the food? Some of the best in the whole town.

Mark your calendar for Fat Tuesday and just write "Dino Cafe" if you want to try some Southern cuisine better than you'll find just about anywhere else in Missoula.

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