If my Google Search history was analyzed for just the month of December, it would probably show a lot of search phrases like:

  • cheapest places to travel
  • places to stay in the woods
  • hot springs near me

There's something about the stress of the holidays that makes me want to plan a trip to somewhere remote--the kind of vacation where you can put in your email out-of-office message "I won't be checking my phone and will not have access to email during this time."

Fortunately, living in Montana, I don't have to travel far if I want to "get away from it all," and Montana appears to be better than most places if you're looking for a remote getaway.

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Montana is Among the Best Places for a Remote Getaway

In a recent look at the best places for remote getaways, Montana not only ranks in the top 20, but it does better than two states in particular simply because Montana's remote accommodations get especially good reviews.

Window Gnome compiled the rankings of the 50 states and categorized them based on:

  • access to remove vacation rentals
  • guest ratings
  • average nightly rates
  • number of outdoor attractions

In their estimation, Montana ranks 13th overall, beating out No. 12 Minnesota and No. 25 Nebraska for good reviews, though all three ranked in the top spots for Outdoor-Friendliness.

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Montana also ranked No. 1 for the Natural Hazards Index which as part of the Outdoor-Friendliness Category, though Montana ranked No. 2 overall for that Category. For comparison, New Jersey was ranked No. 50 while California was ranked No. 25 and New York was ranked No 26.

The worst Category for Montana? The cost. Sadly, given the way the local economy has shifted over the last couple of years, this is somewhat expected. Montana was ranked No. 42. But Montana's neighbor was even worse--Wyoming was ranked No. 50.

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