I was recently sharing stories of my run-ins with a weapon of mass destruction. It all happened nearly 20 years ago. The most recognizable name in MMA was none other than Chuck Liddell. This guy was built like a brick house and dominated the octagon. Yours truly somehow managed to run into "the champ" multiple times, and always slightly inebriated.

My first run-in with Liddell was shortly after his win against Tito Ortiz in 2004. The night after his big fight in Vegas, I ran into Chuck at the Pure Nightclub @ Caesar's Palace. Being "slightly buzzed," I wasted no time propositioning Liddell to a fight. He knew right off the bat that he could destroy me, and laughed. We shook hands and went on about our night.

Fast Forward to 2006, when I found myself in Chuck's hometown of San Luis Obispo. During a road trip through California, I found myself at a nightclub in downtown San Luis Obispo. Chuck was there with his girlfriend. I thought nothing of it. Until I got just enough liquid courage in me to hit the dance floor. In my attempt to "bust a move," I accidentally hip-checked Chuck's girl. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, the dance floor emptied as Chuck came to his lady's rescue. I apologized and knew that death was near. The "champ" was flaring his nostrils and thankfully was led away by his better half. But, as near-death experiences go, that was the closest I have been.

See what happens to Jackass Steve-O, when Chuck Liddell chokes him out.

NSFW: Language

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