The Montana Red Cross and First Interstate Bank are teaming up to give away free smoke alarms for Missoula homes on September 14th. One of the most important pieces of safety equipment to have in your home is a smoke alarm, it doesn't matter if you rent or own, if it is an apartment, trailer or a house. If there is a fire you need to be alerted and you need to get out. The average person takes at least two minutes to get out of their home in an emergency. A smoke detector can cut that time down dramatically.

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Each year on the second Wednesday of September, First Interstate Bank celebrates "Commitment to Community Volunteer Day" and this year they have chosen to help with the Red Cross "Sound the Alarm" campaign to help distribute and install free smoke alarms and also help educate families on fire safety according to Matt Ochsner the Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross. There are two ways to sign up you can register online or you can call for an appointment 406-284-5462. A good tip for smoke alarms is to change the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year and an easy way to remember that is when you change your clocks forward in the Spring or backward in the Autumn.

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The Red Cross is mostly known for their help with blood donations and disaster relief, but they do so much more in our community and our state. Right now there is currently a need for blood donations in our area. If you would like to make an appointment at for blood donations you can do that with the Red Cross. I have been a blood donor for many years and have learned over the years that for every pint of blood you donate you help save three lives. Also when you donate, the Red Cross tells you where your blood has goes to help. So sign up for your chance to get a free smoke alarm from the Red Cross. If September 14th won't work for your schedule, you can call the Red Cross 406-284-5462 and see what better time will work for you, register now.

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