The Willy Wonka "Golden Ticket" effect is going strong these days, especially in the sports collectible community. Sports card manufacturers have been inserting very rare sports cards in packs the past few years. The cards, when found, can bring in huge money to the lucky person who finds one of them. One such card was released this week. Honestly, who knows, it could be found anywhere, including here Montana.  

The Cards Are Available in Montana

This week the sports card company Upper Deck released it's 2023/2024 Upper Deck Series 2 hobby box cards. In one of the packs is a Connor Bedard one-of-one "Gold Burst Young Guns" rookie card. Connor Bedard plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and he is one of the best rookies to come along in years. Before the card was even released, there was a bounty put on the card with a person offering, to whoever finds that card, $1 million.

If you're wondering if it's possible to find a card of such magnitude in Montana, it is possible. The odds may be slim, but there is always a chance. 


I spoke with Hillary Rivers, one of the owners of Zootown Sports Cards in Missoula, Montana, and asked if there was any possibility, at all, of somebody in Montana finding the card. She confirmed it could be a possibility, they currently have the hobby boxes in stock at their location at the time of this writing. The cards are available at other sports card collectible locations across Montana and Walmart locations.

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"Montana's Largest Sports Show" Coming This Spring


Zootown Sports Cards is putting on "Montana's Largest" spring card and collectible show on Saturday and Sunday April 6th and 7th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula. There will be sports memorabilia and collectibles, comic books, Pokemon and more.

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Good Luck in Finding The "Golden Ticket" Card

Now the search and the race is on to find the rare Connor Bedard rookie card. Good luck to those out there who are searching for this card. Whoever finds the card, it could change their lives forever.  

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