The summer is underway, and that means school careers have ended for some students. It's the end of a chapter for some young adults, often marked by moving out, starting careers, and venturing into independent lives. This can also signal a new chapter for parents as well.

Starting a New Family in Montana is Cheaper Than Other States

Then there are the people who are just starting their families and the process of raising a child in Montana. It can cost quite a bit to raise a child, and some of that cost may depend on where you live. Montana is one of the cheaper states to raise a child compared to others, but it's not inexpensive.

Montana Ranks As One of the Lower States For Cost of Raising A Child

According to Smart Asset, the annual cost of raising a child in Montana is $20,839. That ranks Montana as the 34th most expensive state to raise a child. The most expensive state to raise a child is Massachusetts, costing $35,841 annually, followed by Hawaii, Connecticut, Colorado, and New York. The least expensive state to raise a child is Mississippi, then comes Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Alabama.

There is a trend in 2023 of people moving out of the west and heading to the southeast.

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The cost of living is significantly lower there these days. When I was going to be a parent for the first time, there were a lot of people that would freely give me advice about parenting, most of which had nothing to do with us. I am not usually the type of person to give unsolicited advice, but I will suggest that if you are going to be a parent, try to save some money if you can because it's going to cost you.

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